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Q: What version of MS Internet Explorer is compatible with FourTimes?

A: FourTimes is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 4.01 and above. Older versions, or Netscape are not compatible with FourTimes.

Q: What is the system requirements to run FourTimes?

A: FourTimes needs any computer internet-ready. It works fine on a Pentium 133, with 32 MB RAM and 800x600 video resolution.

Q: My screen resolution is 800x600. Is there any tip to improve performance?

A: Yes. There is a button called "Expand" on every panel. By click on it, you can work with two panels every time, what increases your view area. So, I suggest you start to load four address, and expand two panels. While you are reading these 2 pages, the other 2 are loading. When you finish, just expand the other 2 panels and your pages are already there!

Q: I need to format my HD, but don't want to loose my "four" groups. How do I backup them?

A: Make a backup of the "Four" folder located under the FourTimes instalation directory (tipically "c:\program files\Four Times 3.5"). After reinstall, just recover this folder.

Q: I clicked on a link, but nothing happens...

A: This could be a lot of things! But, one thing that many users doesn't notice is the fact that this link could be trying to open a new pop-up window, and you configure FourTimes to 0 pop-ups. To solve that, just set to 1 the pop-up setting on the Preferences Dialog. This might help.

Q: I have a "startup" four group, but FourTimes never starts with him, always with other four sites. What's wrong?

A: Check if you don't turn on the "Remember last sites accessed" option on the preferences dialog. This option overrides the "startup" group. To solve that just turn off that option.