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The 4X is a program that opens four Microsoft Internet Explorer windows in your screen.

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His main features are:

  • Use of all of the IE 4 features: Java applets, Java Script, secure page, dynamic HTML, frames, tables, ActiveX, etc...
  • All of the panels are resizable.
  • Access to the user's favorite list.
  • Drag-and-drop links between panels. Click over a link in a panel and drag it until another panel, and the link will be opened in this panel. Couldn't be easier, could?
  • Very easy setup and configuration. The FourTimes uses all of the already existent Internet Settings on the user's machine.
  • You don't loose any info comparing to the Internet Explorer screen. It's all there: title bar, status bar, toolbar buttons, etc...
  • Creation of sites groups. For example: you can create a group called "news" with the address of your four favorites news sites. When you call him, the four pages are loaded at the same time.
  • If you create a group called "startup", this group will be automatically loaded when you start the FourTimes. It's the like you have four default pages!
  • NEW! Version 2.0 - New Interface. Faster! Better! Much more beatifull!
  • NEW! Version 2.0 - You can add and organize your favorites list.
  • NEW! Version 2.0 - If you wish, the FourTimes could "remember" the sites that where last accessed, and reloads them automatically when you start the program.
  • NEW! Version 2.0 - Multilanguage support.

Like it? So go to the downloads page and get your evaluation copy now!

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Last update: 11/03/99